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The glow from different types of objects in high intensity electromagnetic fields was detected over 200 years ago, and since then has attracted the attention of researchers (a literature review can be found in our previous books [Korotkov, 1995; 1998]). But it was only with the creation of gas discharge visualization (GDV) systems in 1995 that research into these glows gained scientific status. Since then, the physical mechanisms which make up the glow have been studied in detail [Korotkov, 2002], serial production of the devices has been established, and a system of software programs for applications in medicine, biology and research into materials has been created {Korotkov et al., 2001-2005]. It has been shown that the characteristics of the glow of a person’s cutaneous covering depend primarily on the activity of the autonomic nervous system, with special consideration of the system of adaptation levels. Many research results are published annually in the materials of the St Petersburg Congresses on Bioelectrography Science, Information, Spirit (please, see In parallel with GDV the term EPI – Electrophotonic Imaging – is also being used to name this technology.

Energy Fields Electrophotonic Analysis in Humans and Nature

Energy Fields Electrophotonic Analysis in Humans and Nature

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– Meditatio Sonus es un proyecto de Marcela Armas y Arcangelo Constantini | 2012 - 2014 –

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